Dear Stephen,
I am 44 years old and have been fairly religious with the protocol as well as on ceflacor for over six months. My symptoms have reduced in the joints, but I have daily burning and tingling in the meninges – don’t feel foggy, just like I have hot sauce on the brain. I am wondering how to best target the spirochetes in the meninges/brain. I also experience facial flushing and tingling periodically with spikes at the menses/full moon. Thanks for any ideas. Do you have any thoughts on grapefruit seed extract or knowledge of it if passes the blood brain barrier?
I believe there is or was an underlying inflammatory reaction happening prior to the bite and I had had a mold injury to the lungs the prior year. The brain tingling is lessening slightly on the new form of ceflacor capsules – but I am having breast swelling and had bleeding from a duct (with clear mammogram) along with increased floaters in the eyes. I don’t know if the breast swelling bears any relation to the herbs or some other inflammation and food allergies. Chocolate, gluten, dairy. Thanks and regards.


Stephen’s response:
I suspect that you may be early menopause which will cause some of those symptoms. Chocolate definitely will, especially if you are perimenopausal. I no longer recommend grapefruit seed extract at all. Most of the abx herbs I recommend do cross the blood brain barrier. For the meninges problems we would recommend:


• Please try L-arginine 500 mg capsules or caplets, use 1000-2000 mg daily in 3-4 divided doses;

• EGCG 1 capsule with food per day (400 mg or so capsules);

• phosphatidyl choline 420mg (gel caps) 3x day.


For targeting the spirochetes would recommend the use of andrographis, dosage as in book, and alchornea cordifolia tincture, ( If you are using the resveratrol, would suggest the use instead of knotweed root itself from  If these herbs don’t work after a few months, let me know.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have active herpes, chicken pox, or shingles DO NOT USE L-arginine.
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