Dear Stephen,
I went to the optometrist yesterday, and the biggest optical change is a need for bifocals. He then suggested a risk factor test for macular degeneration which checks pigmentation on the retina. I agreed, and was shocked when I scored a 14/100. (Over 35 is good, 30 is low normal.) Other risk factors are: age (closer to 70), diabetes, smoking, family history. I have none of those factors. Can lyme cause this? Should I take his vitamins or add stephania? Thank you.
Stephen’s response:
Macular degeneration just happens sometimes. It is not necessarily lyme related.
Bilberry, standardized, 40-80 mg 3x daily
Ginkgo, standardized, 40 – 80 mg 3x daily
Vinpocetine, 5-10 mg 3x daily
Pine bark extract 150-300 mg daily
Vitamin c (effervescent salts) tbl daily
Vitamin E 800 IU daily
Beta-carotene – 50,000 IU daily
Zinc 25 mg daily
Stephania, 1 tsp daily in the am
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