Dear Stephen,
I’ve tested positive to two bands and over the years have mild(ish) symptoms that no doctor put together until recently, e.g., occasional extreme stiff necks and extreme bouts of nausea, hot spots in my fingers, low heart rate, fatigue, fog, reaching for words. I thought it was aging and/or a few knocks to the head. but the lyme diagnosis makes sense especially since I pull out 5 to 10 ticks a season (one was in between my eyelashes) because I live on a farm. The stiff necks and nausea happen only a few times a year and pass within hours or at most a day or so. I would consider my lyme symptoms mild, especially compared to some of the stories I’ve read about which are heartbreaking. I asked my doc if in my case with mild symptoms, whether or not its better to let sleeping spirochetes lie. She didn’t know. Am I stirring up a hornet’s nest by taking the herbs (which I just started a week ago)? I don’t want to upset what could be a delicate balance; has my body learned to deal with these invaders? Thanks!

Stephen’s response:
The only things I would recommend in your case are knotweed, eleuthero, and cat’s claw at this point. Those won’t stir up the spirochetes, simply help your immune system and reduce the symptoms. You do seem to have a mild case.
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