Dear Stephen,
Thank you for the research you put into this book, the core protocol is helping me keep symptoms under control now that I’ve stopped antibiotics, and I experience almost no side effects unlike the oral antibiotics I took for 6 months. I’m also a hobbyist beekeeper and wanted to try apitherapy for killing lyme spirochetes, since I have a free source of venom in my backyard and no allergy to the venom. Do you have any recommendations on “dosage” for apitherapy done this way? Most of what I’ve heard about apitherapy uses extracted bee venom and I don’t know how to correlate that to the quantities that the guard bees inject.

Stephen’s response:
I am not sure about dosage equivalents. You might read my Apis article on this as it might help a bit.

What I have read, from memory, is that a bee is usually held at the site of trouble (usually arthritic locations) and allowed to sting. It is repeated daily for something like 30 days. I have heard some reports of people using bees intramuscularly but know little about it. You might Google this and see what comes up.

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