Dear Stephen,
My question is what can we do to try and deal with the cysts. I have them in many places and it is getting worse. I have Lyme cysts on my thyroid, several on my ovaries, one showed up on my mammogram and had an abormal pap, which I attribute to the Lyme cysts on my ovaries. So I am trying to treat babesia and lyme cysts before I go full force on fighting the lyme. Would like to share that I did the Neuro protocol this past fall and I had a normal CAT scan & the damage in my optic nerves is gone. Where two years ago, I had lesions all over my brain & was told the damage to my optic nerve would be permanent. Thank you for your work that is making us better. I am eternally grateful to you.

Stephen’s response:
I believe that the protocol will deal with the cysts if people do it for the full year. However, as with all things lyme, more will become clear as people with cysts use the protocol.

It should clear them over time and I have heard from a lot of people that they are fully well after the protocol. Since the Borrelia always do form cysts in all people, it seems to me that the protocol is clearing the cysts, which it should do.

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