Dear Stephen,
I got bit by a tick in April, 2011 and my foot and arm went completely numb; I knew right at the moment something was wrong. I got the 30 days of doxycycline but I was also studying abroad during that time in Europe so after I finished the doxy I thought I would be okay. I had drank a good amount of alcohol, and thought everything was fine even though I was getting persistent symptoms I thought they would gradually wear off. I came back to the U.S. and had severe depersonalization, permanent drunkness feeling, and cognitive abilities had dwindled tremendously so it automatically made me piece together that what happened is I had relapsed. I’m on lycopodium right now but should I really be getting artemisinin or cryptolepis. I’m 20 and I really want to prevent any further damage. I feel as though there’s alread been a lot of collateral damage, I want to tie loose ends and regain myself more than ever. Please help!
Stephen’s response:
The use of knotweed root is very important in chronic lyme, it is the one thing that will reduce inflammation in every area the lyme bacteria affect. Dosage as in book. We would highly suggest the use of Sida acuta, 1-2 droppers full of the tincture, 3-4x daily, available from or, rather than the crypto or the artemisinin at this time. Cat’s claw, dosage as in book, is crucial as well. To help counteract the cognitive problems, please try L-arginine 500 mg capsules or caplets, use 1000-2000 mg daily in 3-4 divided doses; EGCG 1 capsule with food per day (400 mg or so capsules); phosphatidyl choline 420mg (gel caps) 3x day. This should help a lot.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have active herpes, chicken pox, or shingles DO NOT USE L-arginine.

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