Dear Stephen,
I have a lot of infections – lyme, bartonella, babesia, mycoplasma, hhv-6 and ebv (those are the ones I know of). I did rotations of antibiotics for a couple of years with some herbals, and while no longer felt like I was dying, I was still debilitated and in agony primarily due to a variety of neurological symptoms but also from soft tissue pain. I stopped all antimicrobials and began rifing last year and have been knocking off symptoms but still have some pretty serious neurological impairment and stiffness. I have been primarily treating bartonella, mycoplasma and lyme and more recently babesia. It is a juggling act. I’d like to start incorporating some antimicrobials again. Should I do something broad-spectrum or is there an infection I should focus on first? I went to my doctor the other day and came home with allicin, andrographis, medicinal mushrooms and astralugus and I am just looking at them because I know I probably couldn’t handle taking them all at the same time and I have taken all but allicin before (although I didn’t take andrographis for very long) and question whether they can help me. Thanks!

Stephen’s response:
Knotweed is the most specific herb for lyme and those symptoms. With your symptoms I would begin with knotweed, eleuthero, and cryptolepis (
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