Dear Stephen,
After trying everything for years I am hoping to get rid of my European and American babesia (B. divergens and B. microti) with cryptolepis. I have also been using Byron Whites’ ABAB which makes me in need of super amounts of sleep. Can I combine the two? And will I ever get over being in need of 14 hours of sleep with ABAB? What is the best way of getting rid of super babesia? Thank you.
Stephen’s response:
Yes, you can use them together. For that kind of babesia I would recommend a combination tincture formula of Alchornea cordifolia, cryptolepis, and Sida acuta which you can get from Woodland Essence. For you I would suggest ΒΌ tsp 3x daily for 30 days. You can increase the dosage to Β½ tsp if it seems necessary. If you really want to go at it from all directions I would recommend adding artemisinin tablets as well for 30 days.
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