Dear Stephen,
I cannot tolerate the herxheimer reaction at this stage of lyme because it results in neuron death and more muscle wasting. But the spirochetes need to be killed at higher doses of antibiotics than I am able to use now. In your book, you suggest stephania because of its corticosteroid action. My doctor is nervous about prescribing steroids, and I am too. Will this herbal remedy really be strong enough, to add to antibiotics, and avert the herx danger? It does permanent damage at this point. The other point is that I am currently on a beta blocker, which you say is contraindicated with this herb. The blocker allows me to sleep more soundly without heart palpitations, so I am afraid to stop it. Any thoughts?

Stephen’s response:
You should not use stephania because you are on beta blockers. I would highly recommend knotweed root, dosages as per the book, and the muscle strength formula available from which is composed of pine pollen, aralia, and American ginseng. The knotweed should potentiate the antibiotics so that a lower dose will work better. Smilax does work for some people to help with the herxing. If it does not, then try standardized milk thistle 1,200 mg every morning and evening (2,400 mg total).
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