Dear Stephen,
I am wondering if orange blossom water could be the next lyme treating herb? Every time I drank chamomile tea with orange blossom water (not neroli), I felt immediately calm…and also, wobbly on my feet/feeling like I could keel over. Bartonella herx? This passed, but later into my therapy as bartonella symptoms improved, my response to orange blossom water changed. I no longer got the wobbliness/dizziness, but instead, got numbness and tingling. Herx again? (I had not continued the orange blossom water steadily; was using it on occasion). Could orange blossom water inhibit the nervous system enough to bring out underlying symptoms? Or could this be a genuine herx? How does one know? I am not asking to be diagnosed, instead, I am asking just generically about orange blossom water. I know it is not theoretically so powerful an inhibitor as to go that far…yet here, my response. I do tend to be extra sensitive. Thanks! It’s so extra nice of you to give us all your free time here on this forum, how generous and kind, Stephen!
Stephen’s response:
Well, chamomile tea has historically been used as a calming agent, usually as a tea. So, no surprise there. Not sure on the other physiological responses. Orange blossom water is antibacterial to some extent and anti-inflammatory as well. The important thing is that it helped.

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