Dear Stephen,
Hi, I have lyme/bartonella and have been on many antibiotic protocols. Some things have improved but the one area that I can’t seem to cure is in my teeth/nose area. The bartonella is damaging my teeth/nose areas, it moves around my mouth/nose causing lots of pain and damage. The pain is mostly in my jaw/teeth areas, it seems to move all around my mouth. Feels like a tooth ache/throbbing pain/sometimes stinging, for a few days, then it jumps to another area of my mouth. The pain recently started traveling up into my nose, and eye areas, does the same thing, pain for a day or two then travels to another location, sometimes my eyes hurt to even move them, light hurts them, I see spots. It hurts when I breath air into my nose, I feel the pain at the roots of my teeth and in my nostril, and then a day or two goes by and it moves elsewhere and the pain is gone from the original area. Any suggestions would be helpful. Do you get other people complaining about teeth/nose/eye pains?

Stephen’s response:
I would recommend two things to begin with:
Stephania tincture 1/2 tsp 3x daily for 45 days
Cryptolepis tincture 1/2 tsp 3x daily for 45 days
Try this and let me know how it goes; I have a couple of other ideas that may help if this does not.
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