Dear Stephen,
I have just talked about your book and herbs with my professor (who is working in Belgium but very familiar with the lyme and co-infection problems as he works together with Burrascano on antibiotic treatments). Now he is very open to your approach (which is already exceptional), but he told me that your herbs for bartonella might not be right, because for the moment we don’t exactly know what these spirochetes do in the human body. Very recently this has been discovered, but some more testing needs to be done to be sure and only then the medical treatment can be adjusted to fight it more accurately. He told me that this info will probably be available for doctors within some months and then other treatments will follow. What do you think of his approach in the case of bartonella?


Stephen’s response:
Bartonella is not a spirochete. It is a bacteria. And the knowledge of what it does in the body is already fairly deep. There are already over 2600 studies on bartonella at PubMed: And another 20,000+ at Google Scholar: So, I can’t really agree with him. More will be discovered, of course, as time goes on. But that is the way with everything.
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