Dear Stephen,
I have had various tickborne diseases for over 20 years, but I was only diagnosed 7 years ago by a positive test Elisa. My symptoms now are a terribly weak left leg and ankle making it hard to walk. I am very drug sensitive and tend to get every side effect in the book, but my best regime was septra, which makes me 20% stronger almost immediately, plus your knotweed and cats claw in varying amounts. A few months ago I took a month off septra in order to give a homeopathic remedy a chance to work – I was a practicing homeopath for 20 years. It didn’t help. When I went back on the septra and herbs, my mouth got bumps like herpes and then my gland swelled: Coxsackie virus.
I took the obvious homeopathic remedy and slept for 8 days straight but when I went back on the septra my mouth went ballistic. I tried doing colloidal silver, KW lyme support tincture, knotweed and cat’s claw all with the same result – my mouth got much worse. I recently did one septra and got 2 new spots on my mouth and resuscitated two other spots – and this is after 2 months of Coxsackie virus. I hate antibiotics and reading your marvelous new book I remember more about why they are such a bad idea but when you have as much trouble walking as I do, that 20% better is precious. I did do 8 drops of lomatium 3x daily and lots of echinacea and lemon balm and St. Johnswort which seemed fine. I am anxious to go back to dealing with my lyme but I can’t seem to kick the Coxsackie and am at wit’s end. Rhodiola tends to make me hysterical for some reason. Your new book is so fabulous. So fun to read.


Stephen’s response:
Thanks for the comments on the new book, I appreciate it. For the coxsackie use Chinese skullcap (, isatis (, and licorice in a tincture blend; 2 parts skullcap, 2 parts isatis (tastes dreadful), 1 part licorice. ΒΌ-1 sp 3x daily for 30 days. Then drop the licorice out of the formula and continue with just the first two (if necessary). Astragalus is also good for that virus.
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