Dear Stephen,
I have Lyme and co-infections. After a briefly successful period of using a Rife machine last year, my symptoms changed and I’m not sure how to treat them. They are: • At 5’6″ I went from 140 to 110 pounds • Increased hypoglycemia, waking with hunger during the night • Gum recession and losing tooth enamel • Increased food allergies and delicate stomach • Extremely electrically sensitive—must live off of the electrical grid. How can I: 1) Gain weight, balance the hypoglycemia and prepare my stomach to prepare lyme treatment herbs? 2) Improve my dental health? 3) Treat the electrical sensitivity? I live in Arizona–is there a medical practitioner in the West you’d recommend? Thanks very much.

Stephen’s response:
The best thing for severe weight loss is fermented wheat germ 9 grams daily. For delicate stomach, fresh juice of cabbage, beets, carrots, celery, and the wild herb plantain (in front yards usually, but not in AZ) are the best things, oatmeal every day over time is good as well. The closest practitioner I know of to you is my partner Julie McIntyre in Silver City, NM, about 3 hours from Tucson.
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