Dear Stephen,
How does on proceed if one is hypersensitive? I am hypersensitive to most “chemical” medications I have taken and many herbals. Normally I require about 1/4 to 1/10th the dosage normally prescribed and have adverse reactions to many chemically created medicines. This includes the herbal realm—taking one cat’s claw pill had an immediate and remarkable effect but also stimulated something as I could not sleep at all the night of the day I taken it, feeling not restless but “revved up.” Now that I’ve taken one full pill, can I start out very slowly and go back to a low dose with cat’s claw and add the resveratrol when my body shows some tolerance for the former? Otherwise I fear I will be unable to work for a while—the effects of the herb can be that drastic. Lastly, thank you for your “integrated” work in Healing Lyme. To have someone research and list the classical herbal uses and “folk” efficacy as well as knowing it necessary to “prove” those by clinical research—without prejudice one way or the other—is rare, and I was grateful for both those efforts on your part. Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
The dosage in the book is only a guideline, not set in stone. Many people are very sensitive and will recover well only using 1 tablet 1-4 times daily. Remember, trust the wisdom of your body, it will let you know how much you should take.
Lyme is as much a training in self-awareness as anything else. It is a way to develop a certain kind of sensitivity and personal power; the people that recover best approach it that way. Rely on what your body tells you and you will find the dose best suited to you. And thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it immensely.
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