Dear Stephen,
I have a question about dosages of the lyme protocol. In the book, you recommend Japanese knotweed. I got the Source Naturals brand. The book says it should contain 500mg of the Polygonum cuspidatum, but the bottle says 200mg. I asked the sales person and he said it’s the only kind he had. So if the dosage is 1-4 caps 3-4x day, should I take double the dose since it’s not 500mg? Also, sorry if this is a dumb question, but when the dosage states 1-4 caps 3-4 x daily, can that be 4 caps at breakfast, 4 mid–day, 4 lunch, 4 dinner, so I can take up to 16 caps total in one day? Or is it supposed to be 1-4 caps divided 3-4 x day, so max of 4 caps? I’m just confused about the dosages. Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
I no longer recommend Source Naturals for this. When I wrote the book they were the only source I could find for knotweed root. Source Naturals now makes a number of different kinds of resveratrol capsules and tablets with different dosages and contents. What I now suggest is the use of knotweed root, same dosage as in the book. OR you can buy knotweed root powder and take 1 tablespoon 3x daily in liquid. As to the dose, yes, at the highest dose that would be 16 capsules per day. NOT everyone needs to go that high, many use less, a few use more. That is just suggested as a range. You can use what you bought until it is gone, same dose as described, 3-4 capsules 3-4x daily, starting slow and working up, when that is gone, switch to Green Dragon brand.
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