Dear Stephen,
In Healing Lyme, you instruct patients to take maximum doses of the “core herbs” (Japanese knotweed, andrographis, and cat’s claw) for a minimum of eight weeks. I can’t financially afford to take the highest doses of these herbs for more than eight weeks, but worry I might be shortchanging myself by terminating intensive therapy prematurely. Can I really shift to a maintenance dose after two months and still get a good effect, or should I proceed symptomatically, i.e., only lowering the dose after die-off symptoms subside? Of course, my priority is getting better! Thanks so much for your feedback—and your important work.

Stephen’s response:
Yes, I think that you should lower the dose as long as you are feeling well. Generally I think lowering on the same schedule as raising is the best approach. I would stay on about 3 tablets or capsules 3x day for some months then lower to 2 capsules 3x daily as maintenance dose.
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