Dear Stephen,
I have had lymes for a few years. My symptoms are primarily an achy body – muscles, joints, stiff neck. I am in a new relationship and I DO NOT want to pass this disease on to anyone, epecially my dear girlfriend. There seems to be some evidence that lyme disease is potentially passed on through sexual activity. What do you think the risks are, and would the risk be different for same-sex activity (females, in my case) and what would you suggest in terms of protection? Thank you so much for your work!

Stephen’s response:
There is some evidence that lyme can be transmitted sexually. There have been no formal studies but research has shown that there is a higher than statistical infection among both partners in marriages. Adding that to the way the spirochetes act and I think that long term sexual relationships can result in infection through sexual contact. Long term, not casual or a few months off and on. I think the risk for same sex female sex is much much less than for male to male or male to female.
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