Dear Stephen,
Thank you so much for your work. In the Transmission section of your website and book you mention “long term” sexual contact as a possible means of transmission. Does this mean that the carrier of lyme has been treated and is sexually active? What if the person with lyme had it and did not know it, and then had sex untreated? I believe this may have been the means that I received the disease, even though it was not through prolonged sexual contact. It was really just a couple times before we found out that my partner had lyme. We ceased sexual contact shortly thereafter. I am a 23 year old woman and have taken a round of antibiotics and am on your core protocol. My periods have quickly become so light and scant as to be worrisome. I am also worried about vaginal atrophy. Is this possible? I have mild physical symptoms, but fierce emotional/mental ones. Your thoughts would be very much valued. Thanks so much again.

Stephen’s response:
I have not reviewed the data on this in some time, however, when I wrote the book studies had found that there was a statistically significant relation between long term sexual contact and lyme infections in spouses. The spirochetes are excreted through the kidneys and do end up in the sexual organs as a result. I am not aware of vaginal atrophy from lyme, not something that has come up in my reading or research so far.
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