Dear Stephen,
I interrupted your herbal protocol after 8 weeks because of severe vertigo. I restarted the herbs but now I have an irritable colon since November of last year (gas and spasm, very annoying at night). Can you give me any advice about taking the herbs in this case? Also, my wrist pain comes back in force during the night. It is possible that there is any link between your protocol and the wrist pain; kidney dysfunction, for example? Thanks a lot for your ongoing support.
Stephen’s response:
You can try adding Sida acuta from Woodland Essence for the vertigo, it does help a number of people (no one knows why). Start with 15 drops 3x daily and work up to 30 if necessary. I would switch to using tinctures given your GI tract problems, and focus mainly on the knotweed and cat’s claw. You might add Chinese skullcap root tincture ¼ tsp 3x daily as well. For the wrist pain try a glucosamine/msm blend, 2 capsules 2x daily, am and pm. This is the brand and strength I recommend for this: Kirkland Signature
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