Dear Stephen,
I was bitten by an unknown insect in Ecuador last summer, which caused me to lose 40 pounds in less than a month, made walking almost impossible and caused my entire torso to become so tight I couldn’t breathe. At first, the torso skin (front, sides, back) burned terribly. I was diagnosed with 2 types of lyme (burgdorferi and hermsii) for which I received 42 days straight IV ceftriaxone, freshly mixed, after which I was able to walk and breathe and I’ve now regained the weight AND antibodies have dropped dramatically. BUT a very uncomfortable torso tightness remains. I’m not sure if this tightness is lyme related but it’s definitely associated with the Ecuador insect bite. Other than this, I’m doing well – but BOY is the tightness uncomfortable!! It feels as if there’s scar tissue under the entire ribcage — front, sides, back. Any recommendations?? I would be MOST grateful….Thank you for what you’re doing!!


Stephen’s response:
As a first approach, try skunk cabbage root tincture. I prefer the western variety but have not found a reliable supplier yet. This is the eastern. Try 10 drops each hour for three or four days and see if it helps.

I also think that pedicularis tincture could be of use: see Take ¼ tsp 3-6x daily (NOTE: I have used up to ½ ounce of this at a time, it is very safe in large doses, and is a very good muscle relaxant).

Motherwort could also be good: same dosage range as that of pedicularis.

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