Dear Stephen,
For over a year I’ve been struggling with a strange skin condition. In the beginning, a few times a week at night my cheeks would get a little warm for an hour or so. A year ago it started to happen every night and my cheeks would stay warm longer. I used some metronidazole cream and an antibiotic, which worked temporarily. Since then it has gotten worse, I feel the heat even deeper – not only on my skin but in my whole head. Two days ago I used the fresh juice of artemisia and it felt a little better, the heat wasn’t so intense and it lasted a shorter time. But yesterday when I put it on again before going to bed, my skin seemed to react to it in a positive way at first. But when I was in my bed I couldn’t sleep and it started to get really, really bad – I felt heat in my cheeks, mouth and nose, this time more intense than ever before.
I started doing your lyme protocol (the original one with andrographis) a few days ago. I was in India traveling for six months about three years ago – could I have gotten an infection then? I’m sure that I have candida; is it possible that it got under my skin and this is causing the heat? The strange thing is that it is at night that it is worst, as if there were some parasites that are most active when it is dark. Moreover, I have swollen fingers in my right hand, and they are worse at night as well.
Stephen, I know it is very complicated and it is hard to explain in an e-mail but maybe you have an observation? My main question is whether I can I use fresh artemisia juice on my face. I’m making steroid cream according to your book (using willow bark), but it takes time to make. Thank you Stephen for reading my story. You’ve already helped me, giving hope that there is an alternative to standard medical treatment which doesn’t work with me unfortunately. Best regards from Poland.

Stephen’s response:
Yes, you can use artemisia juice on your face. I am not sure what to say about the symptoms you are experiencing. I have thought about it in some depth and nothing is coming to mind that I feel certain will help. You might try a homeopathic remedy – apis. Use according to directions on the bottle. It might help.
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