Dear Stephen,
I had lyme meningitis, bifacial Bell’s palsy, neuropathy, cognitive issues, etc. 18 years ago. After stopping long term treatment with antibiotics, my stomach became painful and inflamed, I developed gastritis, dismotility, and eventually metaplasia (antrum). If I take antibiotics (ab, bismuth, ranitidine) short term, I get relief for the stomach, but long term I have problems with acid blockers. I was able to start your protocol for lyme on the lower dose (knotweed, cat’s claw, eleuthero, stephania), but still dealing with lots of pain in the stomach. What do you suggest? Thank you greatly for “listening”.
Stephen’s response:
I would suggest first beginning with a cleansing diet (see my book on fasting which describes it in depth) then the use of a special juicing regimen that can heal that sort of problem. Specifically: juice of a piece of fresh green cabbage the size of a medium carrot, 5 fresh leaves of plantain (from the yard usually), 3 carrots, one beet, 4 stalks of celery, every morning. Oatmeal for lunch, modified diet for dinner. If you can go the juice for a week with just oatmeal as the food it will help considerably. The use of PB8 supplement for a few months will help as well.
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