Dear Stephen,
I have been on the lyme protocol for almost 6 weeks now with the following herbs, 4 capsules 4 times a day of knotweed, andrographis, smilax, cat’s claw. I do take stephania and teasel as well at full dosage. I am doing really well I must say and have been off antibiotics for 4 weeks now. However, I got what seemed to be a cold about 10 days ago and although the fatigue and common symptoms are gone I have this persistent sore throat that seems to go down my bronchitis and the cough gets pretty bothersome, especially at night. I did add a lot of Vit C, ginger tea and even had a Vit C drip yesterday but it seems to get worse. I am confused because when I read about andrographis it is supposed to be very effective with upper respiratory conditions, and with all the immune support I get from the protocol in general, and the fact that the lyme seems to be at least under control, how come this cough is lingering so long in my body and looks like it is turning into something serious? Do you think it is a sign of an autoimmune disorder due to the herbs – would it manifest this way? What is your thought on this? I am nervous about backing off on the herbs since I am doing so well on it with the lyme. Thanks a lot.


Stephen’s response:
It could be a bartonella cough, which sometimes happens with that coinfection. It could just be an upper respiratory infection. If you are going to use ginger tea, it has to be made from FRESH juice of the ginger root. You need to take a minimum of one ounce of the juice in hot water (with cayenne, honey, lime) 4-6 times a day. I would also recommend a tincture blend of lomatium dissectumsida acuta, red root, licorice, and pleurisy root. Woodland Essence should probably be able to make it up for you. For the sore throat I would highly recommend Echinacea angustifolia tincture NOT Echinacea purpurea which is useless for it. Take a full dropper of the tincture, hold in mouth to stimulate saliva, then let it slowly dribble down the throat. Do this every few hours. These three approaches should take care of it, and probably not all three are necessary.
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