Dear Stephen,
I keep making calcium/oxalate kidney stones. I’ve increased my calcium and magnesium, staying away from high oxalate foods and still am having recurring stones. Please help.

Stephen’s response:
You can try nettle leaf 1000 mg daily, magnesium ONLY – drop the calcium – 600 mg daily, B6 25 mg daily, vitamin k 2 mg daily, and daily consumption of a tea (at least 24 ounces per day) made from dandelion leaf, couch grass (agropyron), beggars lice (desmodium), java tea (orthosiphon), golden rod (solidago), and peppermint leaf. Mix them in equal parts (e.g. one ounce of each, two ounces of each, and so on). Add ¼ cup of the mix to a quart of hot water, cover and let steep overnight. Drink the next day. It may be hard to find some of these herbs but some Google searching can turn them up. If you can’t find all of them, use what you do find. The java tea is one of the most essential, don’t skip it.
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