Dear Stephen,
I performed 4 autologous stem cell infusions that brought me back on my feet after being bedridden. I later crashed a few months down the road. My condition is at a new low where I’m having swings in my thyroid from hyper to hypo, hyperadrenalism and what is being described as hyperimmunity (or possibly some sort of autoimmunity). Why/how could this happen, and what type of immune modulators would be helpful in this type of hyper-immune induced state with chronic lyme? Thanks so much.
Stephen’s response:
Some of the lyme coinfections affect the thyroid and can produce this kind of swing. Immune modulators that will help, over time, are eleutherococcus, astragalus (sometimes), rhodiola, cat’s claw. Celery juice will help with the adrenals and licorice can help there as well – eleuthero and rhodiola will help the adrenals too. Again, I am a big fan of knotweed for helping reverse the inflammation in lyme. Sorry I can’t be more definitive.
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