Dear Stephen,
I know you that you did much work with patients who had either trauma or mental illness…does one need to resolve past emotional issues to heal from lyme or other chronic illness?

Stephen’s response:
Sometimes. Disease complexes are well, complex. There are often other reasons people are ill than just having a cold or whatever it might be. In my own case a long term illness made me look at my life style and become much more conscious of how I managed my energy. I was working so hard in an attempt to heal ALL pain in the world – a problem for many healers. I didn’t want to look at that so I became very ill for over a year and HAD to look at it. It necessitated a lot of deep inner work. And as I worked it through I also was working physically to heal. At the end I was, in general, healthier than I had ever been. But sometimes, a cold is just a cold.
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