Dear Stephen,
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. I have been ill for 5 years (I am 38, former kindergarten teacher) and within the past year have developed severe “idiopathic” generalized dystonia. I believe it is caused by the lyme, but one integrated doctor was over his head when I was hospitalized for 4 days last summer with it and doubted whether it was lyme at all (even though he had been treating me for lyme for 9 months). I am what they call “borderline lyme” as it shows in my IgG more strongly but only in 4 bands (not so strongly in my IgM). The next LLMD began treatment and I had severe dystonic reactions to sarsparilla, 5-HTP, plaquenil and 200mg of diflucan for 2 weeks. I am desperately searching for a new LLMD but obviously need to be careful and need the LLMD to take Medicare (I know, it’s an oxymoron with my situation). Thank you so much and bless you with the work you are doing to help people like me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Stephen’s response:
I would suggest you try the following:

1) Herbal tincture mix of Chinese skullcap (, lion’s mane tincture and kudzu tincture (no suggestions on source yet).

2) Cordyceps capsules, Plum Flower brand, 3000 mg 2-3x daily (Note from editor: If you click on the 1st Chinese Herbs ad below this post, you can get the code for 10% off this brand. Once on the 1st Chinese Herbs website, click on “cordyceps” under Speciality Pages in the left column.)

And see if this helps. If it is going to help you should notice a difference within 90 days.

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