Dear Stephen,
I have been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases (ocular myasthenia gravis and alopecia areata), among other things, and more recently with high mercury and lyme positive through Igenex Plasmid DNA test. I believe that, if accurate, my lyme has been present but relatively dormant for many years and has re-activated after a long period of extreme work hours, over-taxing my immune system. After all my reading, I do not want to go the antibiotic route. I am hoping that you can recommend an herbal approach right for my particular autoimmune conditions.

Stephen’s response:
I would suggest you begin treating your lyme with Japanese knotweed only and see how you feel after a month on that herb. Then you might add cat’s claw 1 capsule or tablet 1 time per day for a week or two and see how that works for you. If your myasthenia gravis symptoms do not get worse you can then increase the cat’s claw dosage. In some instances herbs that stimulate the immune system can exacerbate auto-immune diseases, so taking it slowly is important. Let me know how you progress and then we can add in additional herbs if you tolerate those well or change them if you do not.
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