Dear Stephen,
I am switching over completely to your herbal protocol and have just a few questions. I’ve always had air hunger. Sometimes so severe that I’ve gone to the ER. Of course they say I’m perfectly fine. My LLMD mentioned babesia, but thinks it might also just be a mechanical thing with the way my organs are working with lyme. Can you let me know what your thoughts are? Everytime I get air hunger, I test my oxygen saturation levels with my PulseOximeter and I’m always at 95-99% which seems to contradict the way I feel. Do you think this sounds like babesiosis? Or would I be seeing lower oxygen levels with babesiosis? Thank you for all the time you spend to help us.


Stephen’s response:
There are a number of things that can cause air hunger, some, such as hypothyroidism, can be related to lyme. One of the more common would be a bartonella coinfection. I would suggest trying 30-60 days of Sida acuta to see if it helps; ΒΌ tsp 3x daily of the tincture. You can purchase it at
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