Dear Stephen,
After 1 month of treatment with herbs I experienced severe vertigo (disequilibrium) in the afternoon. I used to take in the 1st week eleuthero and 4 tablets from each plant, 2nd week 8 tablets and so on. I could not buy Japanese knotweed in Eastern Europe so I used resveratrol, and also prima una de gato. Actually I used all 4 products from Nature’s Way. I also started the protocol for eyes (from your Healing Lyme book) but I do not understand how many days could I use the combination of zinc, vitamin C, vinpocetine (I have not started stephania yet because it is hard to purchase from Europe). I am still expecting your book, via Amazon, but I wanted to start the herbs immediately because I am infected from 1994 and just now my doctor discovered via Western blot that my problems are because of lyme. Sincerely yours.
Stephen’s response:
I would recommend that you try the herbs only in the morning and see if the afternoon vertigo is better. If it is, then you could take the herbs ONLY in the morning and then again before bed. If the vertigo persists, then I would suggest that you try using stephania herb and see if that helps. Regarding the eye protocol, you can use the zinc, vitamin c, vinpocetine indefinitely. I would use the stephania along with everything else. You might try ashwagandha herb just after the middle of the day, before the onset of the vertigo and see if that helps. It is pretty good at calming the nervous system.
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