Dear Stephen,
Within about one week of starting your herbal protocol after doing antibiotics the past month, I came down with the flu of all flues: All the joints aching, splitting headache, stiff neck, fever of 102 every night. My LLMD is away and my family doctor, who supports what the LLMD is doing, sees this as a bad virus of some sort and prescribed tamiflu. Could this be a bad Herxheimer reaction? I have been too sick to take any pills. I can barely walk. I am getting better, but wonder if this is something other than the flu.
Stephen’s response:
Tt does not sound like a herxheimer reaction. You can try stopping the herbs and see if that helps. You can try using fresh ginger juice in hot water and see if that helps (1-2 ounces fresh juice in 8 ounces hot water with honey, lime, cayenne) 4-6x daily. You can try adding Sida acuta tincture and see if that helps. You can try hot boneset tea 4-6x daily. I have used all these things for that situation in myself and they have helped. And, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. It may just be the flu. Let me know how it goes.
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