Dear Stephen,
Is this protocol useful in horses suffering from chronic lyme with no response to previous allopathic therapy? If so, how do I extrapolate the dosages to use on horses?


Stephen’s response:
I have heard, in the past, from people using the protocol with horses successfully.

To start: use the knotweed root and cat’s claw, knotweed is primary.

You can harvest knotweed yourself or buy it ( in bulk.

Add to the feed bag, 1/3 pound at a time, mixed in well with the feed. You can add in 1/8 pound of cat’s claw as well.

They should tolerate the herbs well, but just watch closely to make sure and if they seem to react badly to it, stop the herbs, wait a few days, then begin only with the knotweed for a week, then add the cat’s claw (you can do this anyway if you wish, not a bad approach).

These two herbs should take care of most of their symptoms and allow their immune system to recover enough to control the infection.

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