Dear Stephen,
I recently consulted with a holistic pharmacist who is also a clinical nutritionist. She strongly recommended that I increase my vitamin D to 12,000-16,000 units per day. I am familiar with some research about using high vitamin D to reduce pain, which is a chronic problem for me. So I increased to 3,600 units per day and I did find noticeable drop in overall pain. I asked my lyme doc about increasing further. My Lyme doc is familiar with pain research, but she has also read Trevor Marshall’s research and theory that vitamin D can make lyme patients FEEL better but actually make their lyme condition much worse. My lyme doc respects your book on lyme and suggested I ask your opinion. I am not interested in using the Marshall protocol; I am using your herbal protocol. I’m just wondering about supplementing with vitamin D. Are you familiar with Marshall’s theory? What you do you think about using very high doses like 16,000u/d of vitamin D with lyme?

Stephen’s response:
I have researched this and have read the material about vitamin D and lyme and we are into one of those areas that often occurs with lyme where a lot of opinions are in conflict and where there is just not enough research data to make a determination one way or another.

So, it comes down to competing opinions based on gut instinct more than anything else. I would need to see much more data on the negative effects of vitamin D to feel comfortable asserting that it is contraindicated in lyme.

In my opinion at this point in time I see no reason not to use it and have found that it does help considerably in both muscle and joint / bone pain. My personal preference is for the vitamin D3 form of vitamin D, 12,000 IU daily.

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