Dear Stephen,
I’m taking nattokinase 200 mg daily, lumbrokinase 3 times daily and wobenzyme twice daily in 3 caplets. Will this clear biofilm? If not, what can I do to clear it?

Stephen’s response:
Some people think it will clear biofilm. I tend to think differently about the lyme spirochetes. I am not sure it is possible to ever truly eliminate them from the body and there is a great deal of research supporting that observation. They can be controlled however and their numbers severely limited. The trick in eliminating them, if that is what you are going to try, is to find a systemic antibiotic, whether herbal or pharmaceutical, that is specific for spirochetes and that will affect all forms. No one has found one yet. So the combination of collagen support, immune strengthening, and reduction in inflammation will usually deal with most if not all symptoms. I can’t really say what will clear all biofilms.
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