Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your book and your comment regarding possible skin reactions to andrographis. After using it a while, I developed an unpleasant itch on one side of my back but there was no evidence of a rash. I continued with it anyway for a total of about three months. I think the andrographis helped me, but after perhaps 2 months of full dosage my colon seemed to react negatively. I never could tolerate resveratrol. I decided to switch to Dr. Zhang’s protocol — starting with his garlic capsules. That seems to work better for me. Do you know how reliable PCR tests are for determining ending treatment for lyme and babesia?

Stephen’s response:
There are no 100% effective tests for lyme. Even skin biopsy, in an area where a tick was removed and that has a bull’s eye rash, often comes up negative. The only sure test is how you feel. The disease demands tremendous self awareness for many people.
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