Dear Stephen,
As a relapsing, antibiotic-taking lymie, I am now thrilled to be on your herbal protocol and it is really taking care of my symptoms…. particularly brain fog and tinnitus (and my skin). I am noting that andrographis and cat’s claw both influence hormones, progesterone in particular. Sleeping is and the biggest hurdle for me now. I am menopausal and progesterone deficient. I have been taking 1mg Lorazepam which helps the GABA/relax effect… but I would rather find something less addicting. Would a bio identical progesterone patch to help me sleep be counter-productive to taking the herbs? Are there any comments or suggestions you have to aid in sleep? Your book rocks by the way and it is the one I show to any of my doctors interested in an in-depth look at lyme. You have helped me so much.

Stephen’s response:
A progesterone patch would not be counter-productive. You might consider using some of the herbal protocols for menopause; they do help immensely. Also: the use of melatonin is the best thing I have found for sleep. Not pills, but liquid – the pills don’t do much in my experience. The best I have found is the Melatonin Nano-Plex by Premier Research Labs. Just put a drop on the back of your hand and lick it off. Direct in the mouth it is easy to get too much. I take two drops myself but one is sufficient for most people. Too much and you will feel drugged the next day.
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