Dear Stephen,
Being a lyme patient with a very low CD57 level (23), I’m currently reading and taking detailed notes from your invaluable book, Healing Lyme. However, the fact that you did not provide footnotes and a bibliography for the significant references to studies and other related topics is not only a tremendous disappointment, but also does the lyme community and yourself a serious disservice. The Lyme Wars are bad enough without feeding into the misinformation and political hysteria with undocumented references. I’m hoping to find a bibliography among the pages of your website. But if I cannot, would you seriously consider not only updating your book and website, not only with more recent revelations, but with significant footnoting? Thank you for all you do.
Stephen’s response:
This book is not and never was intended to be a peer-reviewed, scientific journal of any sort. There is, however, an extensive bibliography in the rear of the book, in fact 33 pages of bibliographical references are included. ALL the technical information in the book came from those many hundreds of references that are cited. If anyone truly desires to look more deeply into the material, it is sorted into relevant sections.
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