Dear Stephen,
Thank you for writing your book, I was so lost for so long. Lyme has literally ravished me. I have had it 6 years, but finally confirmed it via Western Blot IgM, along with ehrlichia and bartonella and now via a lab in Nevada recommended by a published microbiologist, plus mycoplasma. My eyes are bad, my heart is affected, SPECT scan came back showing encephalopathy and the central nervous system involvement and arthritis is wild.

Here is my question based on the fact that I got this after a trip to SE Asia and Japan: does that mean that my ehrlichia—which is thought to be the Malaysian strain (I was in Borneo, too) suggested by this microbiologist and supported in your book— can be helped as much by your core protocol and the doxycycline as if I had the North American strain or is this going to require a different protocol because it is not the strain we normally see here in the USA? What do you think?

Stephen’s response:
I hear from many people overseas who have used this protocol with success, it should work fine for your strain.
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