Dear Stephen,
I have been told I have lyme disease by one doctor, and that I do not from another doctor. Both have based it on my lab work, history, and genetic sensitivity. I do not know how to proceed, nor how to go about getting an accurate opinion from someone else. Someone has told me about a test from Igenex which is very expensive itself. Please, please, please tell me your opinion on how I should proceed, or provide me with the name of someone who can help in determining if I truly have lyme disease. I have a toddler that I am still nursing infrequently and simply not sure what to do! I live in Virginia. Thank you so much for your time and help!
Stephen’s response:
This all depends on your symptoms. If you have symptoms that are serious and debilitating, then something needs to be done to help your body begin correcting the problems. If you are only experiencing mild symptoms then you can find a list of the major symptoms in the new edition of the lyme book and can create your own protocol to see if it helps (or find a good herbalist, there are many in Virginia). Just check side effects for the herbs for nursing, also in the book.
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