Dear Stephen,
Do the herbs you recommend kill the cyst form of the lyme spirochete? Just want to say I love your book and so does my doctor. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. You will surely be blessed for doing so. Peace and Blessings, Namaste

Stephen’s response:
Thanks for all your kind comments; I am glad the book is helping. You ask an interesting question, but I approach these things differently. Rather than making it a priority to kill the Lyme spirochetes in any form my approach is as follows:

1. Support collagen structures so that damage to the body systems ceases;

2. Enhance immune function so that the body can deal with the organism itself;

3. Shut down the inflammatory pathways the spirochetes initiate, especially in the CNS;

4. Treat symptoms;

5. And only then, try and kill the spirochete

I find that if the first 4 are dealt with, people feel normal and the spirochetes make little headway in the body, as long as immune health is kept high, so that whether or not someone is infected becomes much less of an issue. I do think that some of the herbs are good for killing them in any form, however the Lyme spirochetes dislike aggressive approaches and have a tendency to adapt, so that is why I tend to leave them alone and to just stop them from having an impact. They are more peaceful that way.

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