Dear Stephen,
After being on cat’s claw (Raintree) 3 caps 3x per day, and resveratrol (Source Naturals), andrographis (Planetary Herbals), and stephania root, each 3 caps 3x per day, plus eleuthero, red root, and sarsaparilla, for 4 months, plus over a months buildup before that, plus 2 months antibiotics before that—my CD57 levels have only gone up to 17 (from 16). It was 11 before the antibiotics. This is hugely disappointing. I would expect more than one point raise in CD57 after all that cat’s claw. Any advice here? Any idea why it wouldn’t go up?

Stephen’s response:
I am unsure why some people’s CD57 counts rise considerably on the protocol and others do not. My tendency, however, is to pay attention primarily to symptoms rather than statistical counts. If your symptoms clear then I am not sure the count matters. If they do not, then it probably does. In spite of my feelings about astragalus, I would recommend you try 1000 mg daily for a month and see how you do. If your symptoms get a lot worse on the astragalus, then stop immediately. If not, stay on it for a month and see how your CD57 counts do.
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