Dear Stephen,
My 10 year old daughter has been odd for 15 months. Me, too. She tested positive to babesia but has not had any antibiotics. I tested positive to dientamoeba fragilis in Dec 2015 and my daughter in Jan 2016 – doctors say she does not need treatment as she has no diarrhea and is not vomiting. She is having “hot”sweats/flushes, is not putting on sufficient weight in 12 months and it is getting harder for her to fall asleep. Can you help with suggestions? I am beginning to think my entire family has the parasite – I don’t know if it is babesia or dientamoeba – it’s all very confusing but I need to do something. Can you make any suggestions?
Stephen’s response:
You can try the babesia protocol in the babesia book as well as using boneset tea (it’s bitter, needs honey at minimum) for the sweats/flushes. Sweats/hot flushes are not all that common with dientamoeba infections. For sleep try melatonin liquid at night; it works well for me.
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