Dear Stephen,
I would be very interested in hearing your take on Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) and their use for lyme. Some with lyme have used them with positive results (although myself not extensively, but I do know the raindrop detox massage with specific sequence of oils works very well!), others argue that YLEO is a pyramid scheme and that Gary Young is a quack. A friend of mine who’s a YLEO practitioner and massage therapist avows that a client of hers went on a customized YLEO protocol for lyme and was able to clear herself of lyme disease. For instance, there is an essential oil combination that one can take internally that apparently acts like an antibiotic: oregano, mountain savory, and lemon. This, in combination with other internally taken YLEO products, plus weekly raindrop massage sessions apparently did the trick. I haven’t invested a lot in this, as I’m committed to taking the Buhner and Zhang herbal protocols, and I’m also taking two antibiotics – but would very much appreciate your candid and reliable judgment on this.

Stephen’s response:
There are many things that work for lyme, there is NO “one way fits all” approach. In general, if you get better, it works for you, if not, it didn’t. The main thing that tends to raise my BS detector is if the protocol is ONLY available through one person and that person makes a lot of money off it. It violates my personal ethics, nevertheless, there are many, many things that do help people with lyme.
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