Dear Stephen,
I’m a beginner from Poland. Can you tell me, why isn’t andrographis in the core protocol now? (I’ve got the first edition of Healing Lyme and it is in there…) My mum has lyme and I don’t now which of the herbs she should take. She is 72 years old. In November, she only had Erythema-Migrans. I’m trying to find a way to prevent full blown lyme. Right now, she hasn’t got highly worrying symptoms. She’s taking Acidum Acetylsalicylicum 1 tab per day. Can she take this with Japanese knotweed and cat’s claw?

Stephen’s response:
Actually I do recommend andrographis, it is a part of the protocol outlined in the second edition of the book. I have gone back and forth with the herb for two reasons: 1) it only helps around 60% of the people who use it and 2) there are severe allergic reactions to it in about one percent of users. Nevertheless, it does offer significant help for many and does help most to some extent. It is the best antibacterial for lyme, at least that we have seen in clinical practice. I don’t see any problem in her taking the other herbs.
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