Dear Stephen,
Thank you so much for your excellent book and website. My daughter was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy (right side) and lyme. Recently, I purchased stephania from Green Dragon Botanicals, but it was only Stephania tetrandra (20-30 drops 3 x daily in water). The percentage of alcohol is not indicated. So I purchased from BioPure organic stephania root which has both S tetrandra and S cepharantha (stephania root and organic corn alcohol – 55% mix). The dosage is 1 drop per day, increasing every 4 days to make 16 drops. The recommended doses for both are not what your book prescribed and I would like your advice as to which stephania I should use for Bell’s palsy and lyme.

Stephen’s response:
Use either stephania, both work fine. Regarding dosage, I am a high dose person for the most part. For some people per drop dosing does work but for most people it does not. I would use higher doses myself, at least 1/8 tsp 3x daily and most likely ¼ tsp. Most dosages on bottles are conservative, especially in the US. In the UK, dosages tend to be much higher, and in Africa and Asia very high.
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