Dear Stephen,
I want to order your revised book on lyme. When will it be available for purchase?

Stephen’s response:
My writing work has taken unexpected turns. My publisher asked me to update the Herbal Antibiotics book, which came out last summer, and was a major undertaking. Then I began to update the lyme book, starting with coinfections, but that turned into a major project which is now a book on mycoplasma and bartonella coming out May 2013 from Inner Traditions. Then the publisher of Herbal Antibiotics wanted an herbal antiviral book, which turned out to be a massive undertaking, and is coming out in August of 2013, and now I am still having to do my originally planned project Gaia’s Mind for which I already signed a contract. The next book after will be on babesia, anaplasma and ehrlichia, and then and only then will I have time to do the lyme book revisions, so we are looking at spring 2015 for a release date since I will be on the road teaching much of 2013 and will only be able to write in 2014.
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