Dear Stephen,
I am writing you from Europe with the hope that you will help me and my mom because we are in a desperate situation. Already 15 years by now we have health issues that till recently were not diagnosed. Mom developed chronic arthritis, gout, hypertension, joints swelling. After adopting a dog and cat from the street in 2010, we had some new infections, and mom got swollen tissue on the occipital part of the head, red-violet itchy spots, swollen tissue on her back and behind ears, very high blood pressure, vision problems, one eye moved to another side and then went back, breathing problems, skin nodules, sweats, dark urine, something white on the foot that was gone after 5 days of cephalosporines. As soon as she stopped the antibiotics she had brainstem infarction (was hospitalized with bacteremia), she survived, we sent blood samples to USA for the analysis, because where we live in Europe we can not even do the analysis.
Mom is positive for Bartonella quintana, B. henselae, (Quintana titar 1:256, much higher than Henselae), babesia. So am I. Mom is my biggest concern because of her age (86), she has swollen eye balls, swollen tissue on her head above neck, and as I stop giving her antibiotics, she doesn`t wake up. She has swollen tissue in bucal mucosis, the same she had on the foot, but it doesn`t go away after one year of antibiotics. Now she is on amoxicillin. We also started houttunyua that we got from USA and artemesia that we bought from Dr. Zhang, I am giving her also his product called A1#3 for inflammation, without improvement after a month now. We are taking supplements: Vit D3, Omega 3, B12 (we were taking glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol, but because of terrible reactions in spots that I mentioned we had to stop). We also were able to get from the USA burbur, pinella and parsley drops for detox. And strange things are happening in these spots, on the back and neck, it seems we have toxins in these swollen spots.
Here, we have no medical help and we fight completely alone searching on Internet, we read about you saving people with your advices about using plants and we need your advice, what remedies would you recommend to take in such a difficult situation? Mom besides bartonella and babesia also has adenovirus, when hospitalized 7 years ago because she had for years abrupt fever and never got a diagnosis (some skin changes she had they thought it might have been herpes zoster). Mom doesn`t see now, her eye balls are swollen, and she has hallucinations. Besides bartonella and babesia, I also have mycoplasma. I need your help and advice which is of critical importance for us, what would you recommend for therapy? Thank you so much in advance.


Stephen’s response:
I would suggest a tincture formulation of the following:

• Isatis
• Lomatium
• Licorice
• Baikal skullcap
• Sida acuta

Equal parts of each tincture – ¼-1/2 tsp 3x daily for 30 days to see if it helps, if it does, keep on doing it.

And . . . greater celandine tincture: ¼ tsp 3x daily for 10 days to see if symptoms are helped, if they are then do it for 30 days, then stop.

This formulation should take care of the mycoplasma, the babesia, and the adenovirus problems. If the babesia is really troublesome, then you should also take ¼ tsp cryptolepis tincture 3x daily (also from

Not sure where you are in Europe but some of these herbs are hard to get there. Isatis, licorice and baikal skullcap are probably available…Greater celandine is often available in the UK. But the lomatium and the sida you will have to get from the U.S. and the country you are in may or may not allow it. has the sida and maybe the lomatium.

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