Dear Stephen,
Can you tell me what dosage of serrapeptase I need to take while on your plan? Nutramedix has 500 mg in each pill and Sedona Labs makes Serraphase with 10 mg per pill. It states on the label that it is a potent systemic enzyme and to only take 3 a day max. I live in the UK. Can you tell me brands that are sold here, please? Thanks for all you do.
Stephen’s response:
Most people with lyme use serrapeptase to help break up biofilms; the supplement is also useful to help break up blood clots (making it useful in babesia and bartonella, for example), to lower inflammation in the body, and for certain kinds of pain. In general I don’t feel it an essential supplement in the treatment of lyme, though for some it is very useful. Most herbs, btw, will break up biofilms; I have a long list in the new edition of the lyme book.
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