Dear Stephen,
How does the powdered form of scutellaria compare to tincture? What dosage of the powdered herb will be comparable to 1/2 teaspoon of tincture? My goal is to minimize alcohol.
Stephen’s response:
No clue. I am not a fan of using this in capsules. I don’t think it is as strong or as effective. Most of the data I have reviewed comes from China which mostly utilizes teas and powders. If you want to use powders, I talk about that in depth in the Herbal Antivirals book; however, my suggestion is to use 1 tsp of the powder 3-6x daily. I can’t give you a direct comparison of tincture vs powder for a lot of reasons. With a powder, it is going to go through the stomach, with a tincture, if taken straight and not in water, it will tend to go more directly into the blood stream, so you don’t usually need as much tincture, if not consumed in water or other liquid, as you will a powder. The problems of comparison escalate from there.
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